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The Collection The Joseph Barry Story Contact Us About Cape Brandy
The Collection The Joseph Barry Story Contact Us About Cape Brandy
Carefully hand crafted to honour


One of South Africa’s leading craft brandy distilleries owes its heritage to the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Joseph Barry. Producing handcrafted Cape Brandy since 1941, each sip is a dedication to his maverick ways and ongoing quest for perfection.

The Collection

Each handcrafted Cape Brandy in the Joseph Barry range takes something a little different from the rugged Klein Karoo terroir and turns it into the exceptional.

Joseph Barry XO

A full fruit-driven nose with soft nuances of vanilla. A gentle hint of sherry and rich dried apricots are accompanied on the palate by subtle spice and oak wood. The finish is soft, lingering and perfectly balanced.

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Joseph Barry VSOP

Tropical aromas of pineapple, passion fruit and banana are perfectly complemented by guava and fig flavours on the palate. A well-rounded fruity finish follows with a soft mouth feel and hints of mellow wood.

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Joseph Barry VS

Lively fruit aromas of apple, pear, orange peel and lemon engage the nose, and are enhanced on the palate with oak, raisins and a hint of coconut. The finish is fruit-laden, smooth and complex.

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Joseph Barry MUSCAT

Muscat aromas with candied pineapple, litchi and a hint of lemon rind. The palate is luxuriously complex - sultana, honey, marmalade, dried peach and just a touch of cinnamon spice. The perfect digestif.

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The Joseph Barry Story

A bustling, artisan Southern Cape town owes its founding to one unique individual who changed trade routes forever, and strove for perfection in everything that he did.

An Entrepreneur Arrives

Joseph Barry was an entrepreneur of the highest order. English by birth, with an early education in all things wine and spirit in Europe, he settled in the Cape Colony in 1817. He was quick to set up a trading company in the Swellendam area of the Klien Karoo, pushing merchandise from the area down the trade routes to Cape Town.

By River And Sea To The Cape

Frustrated at how slow overland travel to the Cape was from the Karoo, he quickly took to the waters and facilitated a much quicker and more effective transportation route, via Malgas on the Breede river, and along the coast from there to Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. The SS Kadie was the pride of his Fleet.

The Quest For A Better Brandy

Barry's entrepreneurial spirit soon built him a business empire, with trading posts up and down the Breede River and the small Karoo town that shares his namesake. It brought him his own currency standard, a local bank, and importantly, allowed him to help develop the struggling brandy industry in the area. Something very close to his heart, he was always encouraging farmers to improve the quality of their wine and brandy distillate, and doing everything in his power to help them through trade.

An Artisan Destillery In A Bustling Town

Today, as you enter the small town hub of artisan creativity that is Barrydale, you are greeted by the sight of Barrydale Cellars, its storage tanks standing tall and proud against the startling Karoo backdrop. The Cellars boast a state of the art tasting room, complete with craft brewery, and a magnificent shiny antique copper potstill still used to this day to produce the legendary Joseph Barry Cape Brandy.

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